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CNC Cutting Services

At Hartley & Noble, we offer a bespoke cutting service using state of the art CNC machinery.  We work with a variety of materials including acrylic, plywood, hardwood, and softwood.  

From one-off production runs to multiple batch orders, we can help you complete any work or home based project. From concept to creation, we can support you with our design service. and can cut using your digital DXF, DWG files. We also have the ability to convert bmp, jpg. gif, png, jpeg files. Our products can be supplied unfinished, or can be painted, metal sprayed, oiled , or stained.

CNC Cutting Services

Pottery Tile Batt Systems

If you are interested in our unique RUSSIAN DOLL BATT SYSTEM (with 3-in-1 Tile Insert sizes), or our OVER THE WHEEL BATT SYSTEM (for wheels with no batt pins), these kits are available bespoke for your wheel at a price of £100. You can only buy them directly from us.  Our website does not have a shop function, so get in touch using the 'Contact Us' button, and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.  Check out our Gallery Page, or our Instagram Page for photos and videos of these systems in action!

Hartley & Noble also have a range of standard Tile Batt Systems priced from £45.  They have been designed for wheel throwing potters. We make the master batt to FIT ANY WHEEL.  Simply pop it on your wheel head, insert a removable tile, and proceed with throwing. When you finish your piece, pop a lifting tool under the corner tab, lift & remove the tile, and place it on your drying shelf.  No need to handle the freshly thrown piece at all... therefore avoiding the potential to knock or mis-shape it.    

In order to make sure that they are structurally sturdy and do not warp, we manufacture our Tile Batt Systems from premium quality MDF material, which we have tested for both waterproof properties and warp-resistance.  Choose from 6, 9, or 12mm thickness.

Click here for our standard Tile Batt System Price List.  We are known for our bespoke design service. We can make any size, drill holes to fit batt pins, or make batts that are compatible with lotus wheels, shimpo wheels, or any other make. We will work with you to design batts that meet your exact requirements! 

You can order by calling us on 01933 818956, emailing us at  sales@hartleyandnoble.co.uk

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Pottery Throwing Batts

We can make Throwing Batts whatever size you require, and insert precision batt pin holes if you need them.  Choose from 6, 9, or 12mm thick MDF.  

We manufacture our batts using three grades of MDF; Economy, Standard, and Premium. Our economy and standard products are a great lower budget alternative. Our Premium MDF is a higher quality material, making it super resistant to warping or swelling.  It will last for years! Click here to see the results of the Water Resistance & Warping Tests we carried out on the popular materials used to make batts.  

Click  to see our current Throwing Batt Price List, and contact us or visit our Facebook shop to order.  

Pottery Ribs & Tools

We are currently developing a range of ribs and tools that we hope will be indispensable for wheel throwing potters, and hand-builders.  We will be adding these products to our website and facebook shop soon...in the meantime, please contact us by clicking the button below, and we will be happy to email you photographs of what we currently have in stock.  We are happy to create a bespoke tool using your own design ideas if yuo have a particular project in mind.  Our ribs cost from £7.00.  

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